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Ground covers are great for protecting the soil from water loss and erosion as they are a living insulation, they help suppress weed growth, they are a living mulch, they look great and are low maintenance so a win win choice!

Ajuga - is a great quick growing ground cover, low maintenance, it spreads by surface runners in the same way a strawberry plant does so can almost spread indefinitely. In spring depending which variety you have the flowers come in blue, pink & white.

Isotoma fluviatilis - “Blue Stars” is a NZ native, herbaceous perennial that is often grown as a hardy groundcover. The small, dark green leaves give the appearance of a lush, green carpet. The foliage is adorned with masses of small and blue, star shaped flowers from spring through autumn.

Coprosma Hawera - is a NZ native with is a vigorous, sprawling ground cover shrub with small, glossy mid-green leaves, will spread up to a metre wide

Selliera radicans - This fantastic low native ground cover is great for rockeries and pots. Pretty white flowers in summer followed by unusual long, fleshy red tinted green fruit. A very hardy low maintenance plant. Will spread up to a metre wide, Full sun, part shade. Moist free draining soil. Can handle seashore coastal and wet feet.

Pratia white - A hardy, native, evergreen perennial that forms a tight mat covered by small, white, star-shaped flowers from Spring and through into Summer and followed by small pink to red berries. Plant in partial shade where soils are suitable moist but free-draining. Great for containers, rockeries and ground cover. Tolerates periods of drought.

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