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Prunus x yedoensis ‘Awanui’

Now is a great time to look around your area and see what is flowering and what you might like to add to your garden to give your garden a lift in spring. There are all sorts of bulbs flowering and the spring flowering trees are making a beautiful appearance. Who can go past a Prunus 'Awanui' (Flowering Cherry) without stopping and taking in its beauty. I am lucky enough that my neighbour has 2 fully grown ones in her garden so I get to see them every day.

Plant of the week – Prunus 'Awanui' an erect, vase-shaped, spreading growth habit that adds structure & interest to your garden. A nice shaped tree with layers of branches. Pink buds open to fragrant, single white flowers that hang in racemes, grows up to 8m high by 5m wide. Prunus need little care however a few things will keep them looking their best. They can be pruned hard if needed to encourage size and shape. While they are generally resistant to pests they can sometimes get ‘Shot Hole’, which is the appearance of small holes through the leaves. This is mainly a visually problem, rather than a health concern and can be treated by spraying with Copper in winter and early spring as the leaves emerge. Fertilise in the spring to promote better flowers and new season growth.

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